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What you can do to support our goal of a Niagara Falls that's free of the scourge of a Mega-Casino:

  1. Vote with your wallets and pocketbooks. The casino could CLOSE in just a few short years with a MAJOR interruption in its already weak cash flow. In fact, Fallsview Casino is not currently bringing in anywhere near the gambling revenue that the Province of Ontario had envisioned. According to the Ottawa Citizen (September 6, 2006), Fallsview and Niagara casinos have seen net profits fall from $136.2 million in 2005 to an estimated $32.8 million profit in 2008.
  2. Tell as many people as possible about your concerns regarding Fallsview Casino, and call attention to
  3. Call or write Regional and National Canadian officials to express your opposition to Fallsview.
  4. Contact environmental organizations to ask for their assistance in bringing about the closure of Fallsview Casino.
  5. Contact the media to inform them of your opposition to Fallsview, and call attention to
  6. Contact to become a volunteer in distributing flyers and/or bumper stickers.
  7. Attend a rally (TBD).
  8. And lastly, please visit Niagara Falls, Ontario. And we encourage you to patronize the local businesses (AWAY from the casino district with its large U.S. Corporate hotels). You'll always get a hearty welcome from the many locally owned businesses in the area.