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Canada, how could you?

My initial impression of Fallsview mega-Casino and how came about.

On a mild December day in 2006 I decided to visit Niagara Falls, Canada; it would be only my second visit to the Falls. And, as I stood against the railing along the walkway below the Horseshoe Falls, I found myself looking up at the monstrosity that I presumed to be Fallsview Casino. I instinctively muttered, "Canada, how could you?" The massive glass, steel and concrete structure with its bawdy red "CASINO" signs seemed so out of place and so overpowering. After taking a closer look at Fallsview and talking with a few locals, my thoughts and feelings about the casino only intensified. But, it would be awhile before I would come to fully understand political strangle-hold that Fallsview Casino Resort has over the region (and Canada at-large) and the probable long-term consequences of placing a BILLION DOLLAR mega-casino next to one of the Great Natural Wonders of the World. And, after spending many hours researching Fallsview and the casino industry, I came to believe that NOTHING GOOD could come as a result of Fallsview. Something had to be done to expose "Canada's Billion Dollar Mistake" before more mega-casino "resorts" are built next to Natural Treasures in other places around the world. At that point, became a dream and a cause; something that I started, but, also belongs to the WORLD.

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Wendel V. "Skip" Allen, Jr.