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If you reside outside Canada, including the United States, here's why we believe you should be concerned about Fallsview mega-Casino:

Niagara Falls is a Great Natural Wonder of the World that is SHARED by the U.S. and Canada with the U.S. owning the majority of the scenic Falls area in terms of acreage above and below the water. And, figuratively speaking, Niagara Falls belongs to the world since there are less than 15 Great Natural Wonders of the World. The few countries in the world that are fortunate enough to have a Great Natural Wonder have an enormous responsibility to respect and protect such an awesome natural asset. Unfortunately, with the construction of Fallsview mega-Casino complex and its sleazy casino district, Canada has ABANDONED its responsibility to protect Niagara Falls and its ecology. Even the U.S. with its sometimes destructive land use practices has refrained from developing its side of Niagara Falls and has maintained a beautiful natural area, Goat Island, New York State Park (the oldest State Park in the U.S.) where hundreds of species of migratory birds have been spotted.

Although there is a relatively small casino on the U.S. side of the Falls, it is nowhere near the scenic Falls area. Also, it was Canada that decided to build a casino FIRST with the completion of Casino Niagara in 1996. The construction of Seneca Niagara Casino in the town of Niagara Falls, New York in 2003 was an economic response to Canada's decision to build a massive casino complex next to Niagara Falls.

Fallsview mega-Casino complex is currently the largest commercial development in Canada.(1)* Due to its CLOSE proximity to the scenic falls area, the casino creates a terrible eyesore that overpowers the natural beauty of Niagara Falls when viewed from BOTH sides of the Falls.

Fallsview Casino sets a dangerous precedent because of its location, which emboldens other countries and the casino industry to build more mega-casino "resorts" next to Natural Wonders and/or pristine places around the world.

Fallview Casino represents a huge WASTE of precious resources as a result of the poor environmental design of the monstrous structure and the way that the mega-casino strives to create an atmosphere of extreme decadence and endless quantities of everything.

Fallsview Casino both directly and indirectly produces monumental amounts of greenhouse gases, which contribute to Global Warming.

The vast glass expanses of Fallsview Casino and surrounding hotels have created a migratory bird killing zone for a diversity of species as a result of the 35-story structure having been constructed within a significant North American migratory bird flyway(2) and near Goat and Beaver Island natural areas.

Fallsview Casino has helped usher in a culture of sleaze and immorality that could impact visitors to Niagara Falls, Ontario. [In fact, Niagara, Ontario, Regional Police reported having approximately 2,600 registered "adult entertainment" workers on file as of July, 2007.(3)] And, given that a multitude of studies have found mega-casinos to be damaging to society, it's likely that Fallsview will contribute to crime and social problems on the Canadian and U.S. side of the border over time.

It is WRONG that 19 year olds are allowed to gamble and drink within Fallsview Casino, and, as such, Fallsview and its ilk pose a very real threat to the youth of North America.

Fallsview Casino appears to have complicated sensitive border security issues. According to a recent Washington Post article, Canada would not be willing to permit the U.S. to fingerprint individuals (using biometrics scanners) who approach (proposed) U.S. border crossing facilities that were to be located on Canadian soil.(4) Should Canada allow the U.S. plan to become a reality, it's likely that many gamblers would have an aversion to being fingerprinted and entered into a database. Because Fallsview is the pride of Canadian bureaucracies and corporations, a potential loss of casino business might be an underlying reason why Canada is opposed to fingerprinting at the border. And, since Fallsview was built in the post 9-11 era, one has to wonder if Canadian officials ever bothered to consider the possibility that a massive casino, located next to the border, could confound border security.

If the situation were in reverse – that is, had the U.S. built a 24-acre mega-casino next to the Niagara Falls with Canada keeping its side of the Falls in a natural state – there would be public outcry against the U.S. So why should Canada be above criticism?

Fallsview mega-Casino would be a terrible legacy to leave to future generations of the world.

*Note: A complete listing of footnotes can be found in the References / Endnotes section.