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If you reside in Canada, you should be concerned about Fallsview mega-Casino for the following reasons:

It was WRONG for the Government of Ontario, Canada to build (through the work of a development/management consortium) an environmentally destructive MEGA-CASINO next to Niagara Falls, a Great Natural Wonder of the World that should be respected, protected and cherished. Even the U.S. with its sometimes destructive land use practices has refrained from developing its side of the Falls and has maintained Goat Island as a State Park and natural area. And, although the U.S. built a relatively modest casino in the town of Niagara Falls, New York in 2003, Seneca Niagara Casino is nowhere near the scenic Falls area.

"Fallsview resulted from the want of a powerful few, and therefore does not reflect the will of the Canadian people." —Anonymous

Fallsview mega-Casino complex is currently the largest commercial development in Canada.(1)* Due to its CLOSE proximity to the scenic falls area, the casino creates a terrible eyesore that overpowers the natural beauty of Niagara Falls.

Fallsview Casino sets a dangerous precedent because of its location, which emboldens the casino industry and other countries to build more mega-casino "resorts" next to Natural Wonders and/or pristine places around the world.

Fallview Casino represents a huge WASTE of precious resources as a result of the poor environmental design of the monstrous structure and the way that the mega-casino strives to create an atmosphere of extreme decadence and endless quantities of everything.

Fallsview Casino both directly and indirectly produces monumental amounts of greenhouse gases, which contribute to Global Warming.

The vast glass expanses of Fallsview Casino and surrounding hotels have created a migratory bird killing zone for a diversity of species as a result of the 35-story structure having been constructed within a significant North American migratory bird flyway(2) and near Goat and Beaver Island natural areas.

Fallsview Casino has helped usher in a culture of sleaze and immorality. [In fact, Niagara, Ontario, Regional Police reported having approximately 2,600 registered "adult entertainment" workers on file as of July, 2007.(3)] And, given that a multitude of studies have found mega-casinos to be damaging to society, Niagara Falls will likely experience an increase in crime and social problems over time.

It is WRONG that 19 year olds are allowed to gamble and drink within Fallsview Casino, and, as such, Fallsview and its ilk pose a very real threat to the youth of North America.

Canada's Safety Council has declared addictive gambling a "public health crisis" while noting a strong connection between pathological gambling and suicide. The link is so strong that Canada's Provincial coroners now track gambling related suicides. In 2001 Ontario reported only 3 gambling related suicides; however, by 2004 the annual number had risen to 16.(4)

Fallsview Casino does NOT provide a significant number of satisfying, honorable or morally sound jobs.

Casino workers suffer from high rates of substance abuse, family problems and divorce(5)(6); therefore, Fallsview should NOT be trying to recruit students and recent graduates.

In its haste to build one of the largest MEGA-CASINOS in the world, the Government of Ontario (at all levels) acted irresponsibly since the Fallsview approval process did NOT involve adequate public participation or scrutiny. Furthermore, the Government FAILED to consider the negative effects that mega-casinos have been shown to have on their host communities.

The operator of Fallsview Casino, Falls Management Company (FMC), is essentially a U.S. gambling and Hotel industry conglomerate, and some have questioned the legality (under Canadian Law) of a U.S. conglomerate operating Provincially owned casinos.(7) At best, the business arrangement between Falls Management Co. and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG or OLGC) is highly questionable and probably not in the best interest of Ontario's citizens.

Fallsview Casino is NOT doing anywhere near the business that Ontario had expected. In 2005 Fallsview and Casino Niagara reaped $136.2 million in net profit; however, "the bottom has now fallen out," as net profit is expected to be ONLY $32.8 million in 2008.(8) Casino Industry experts have noted that this is an unbelievably low figure given that Fallsview is a Billion Dollar destination casino resort.

Fallsview has NOT had a positive impact on many locally owned businesses. The primary beneficiaries of Fallsview seem to be the large U.S. corporate Hotels that have sprung up like weeds near the Mega-Casino and the "adult entertainment industry." In approving Fallsview, the Government of Ontario "sold out" the people of Niagara Falls by creating a sleazy casino district (Clifton Hill) that pulls money OUT of other segments of the economy. In fact, Fallsview has NOT has not brought an increase in U.S. tourism to Ontario as U.S. tourism to the Province is down 34% since 2000.(9) However, Fallsview has resulted in a redistribution of where tourism dollars are spent in Niagara Falls since most enterprises located outside the Fallsview Casino district have seen business remain static or decline.(10)

Fallsview does NOT appear to have elevated the overall living standard of the residents of Niagara Falls, Ontario. As of 2007, one out of seven Niagara residents lives in poverty; almost half of Niagara's families pay over 30 percent of their monthly income in rent and one third of the visits to area food banks are made by individuals under the age of 18.(11)

Fallsview Casino does NOT represent an abundant source of long-term revenue for the Government of Ontario. The future societal costs of the casino (i.e.: increased law enforcement, gambling/spousal abuse counseling, bankruptcies, loss of employment due to gambling addiction, closures of local businesses, etc.) will likely offset revenue. In fact, a number of studies have shown that casinos cost society 1.9 times more than the tax and/or public revenue they generate.(12)

Fallsview Casino will require a substantial renovation and facelift in as soon as 20 years (should the ill-fated casino remain open). Such a project could cost as much as 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of constructing the casino. Also, Fallsview will eventually become a maintenance nightmare as the complex ages.

Fallsview and its sleazy casino district are destroying the distinctly CANADIAN ambience and historic feel of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and have NOT been good for the image of CANADA.

Fallsview Mega-Casino would be a terrible legacy to leave to future generations.

*Note: A complete listing of footnotes can be found in the References / Endnotes section.