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Birds Killed by Glass Buildings in Ontario

The Fallsview Casino complex and surrounding hotels pose a deadly threat to migratory birds since they are situated in the path of one of the most diverse and densely concentrated migratory bird flyways in North America.(1)* Similar buildings (within the same region) have been shown to have a devastating impact on migratory birds. Structures with lots of glass in Toronto, Canada (only 80 kilometers or 50 miles by air from Niagara Falls) are killing large numbers of migratory birds. The photo below shows 2,000 dead birds that were collected by Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) during a single migratory season (Fall, 2003). It should be noted that almost as many birds were collected during the Spring migration. Glass expanses create daylight reflections that confuse birds causing them to fly into the buildings. And, during darkness hours, artificial light also produces a lethal attraction for birds.(2)

Since the Fallsview Casino district is located in a more concentrated migratory bird area than Toronto, it's hard to understand why the Provincial Government of Ontario had virtually NO concern for migratory birds (including a number of rare species) when it approved construction of the massive casino complex.

Migratory Bird Killing Path

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Photo by Mark Thiessen. Shown herein with permission from the National Geographic Society. Picture originally featured in article: John L. Eliot, "Conservation, Fatal Attraction," Selections From National Geographic 2004: p. 2-3.

*Note: A complete listing of footnotes can be found in the References / Endnotes section.