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A massive CASINO does NOT belong next to Niagara Falls, a Great NATURAL Wonder of the World.

Canada's "Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort" desecrates a Great Natural Wonder of the World, harms the environment, hoards natural resources, and has started to threaten the traditional atmosphere of Niagara Falls, Ontario and segments of its economy. Yet, the Provincial Government of Ontario, Canada remains the proud and pompous owner of Fallsview, a BILLION-DOLLAR "mega-casino" (completed 2004) that towers 35 stories above Niagara Falls and covers 24 acres. Moreover, Fallsview is the largest commercial development in Canada.(1)*

Canada's Fallsview Casino

Canada's Fallsview Casino, August 2007

At a time when most Western Nations were clearly going "greener," Canada was busy touting and celebrating the grand opening of one the most opulent and gaudy casinos in the world perched above its most recognized natural landmark. Fallsview Casino sets a dangerous precedent for the WORLD because of its location, which encourages other countries to follow Canada's lead and build more environmentally destructive mega-casinos next to Natural Wonders or Natural Treasures of international significance. represents a WORLDWIDE effort to bring about the CLOSURE of Fallsview Casino.

"No one in the history of mankind has ever developed or operated a casino out of a burning desire to improve the lot of humanity." —Chuck Gardner, Former Nevada Attorney General

There are fewer than 15 Great Natural Wonders of the World including Niagara Falls. Unfortunately, the Government of Ontario has abandoned its responsibility to respect and protect Niagara Falls. Fallsview Casino overwhelms the beauty and history of Niagara Falls while it consumes enormous amounts of natural resources. Furthermore, the casino threatens many species of birds since Fallsview and surrounding glass-faced hotels are situated in the path of a major North American migratory bird flyway. Click here to view a GRAPHIC picture of the toll that similar buildings (located in nearby Toronto, Ontario) have taken on MANY species of migratory birds during a single season.

The Beautiful Niagara Falls

Beautiful Niagara Falls, August 2007

The Niagara River is classified as a significant North American bird migration area(2) with over 250 species of birds having been sighted.(3) Fallsview mega-Casino and the hotels adjacent to it were erected in the direct path of the Niagara migratory bird flyway. Since the massive casino and hotels are tall structures with vast glass expanses, a migratory bird killing zone has been created.(4)(5) The Government of Ontario must have known of the aforementioned flyway's significance, yet it decided that a gaudy mega-casino would be more important to future generations than protecting many species of migratory birds, including a number of species that are classified as rare or endangered. urges those who feel that Ontario, Canada was WRONG in favoring a sleazy mega-casino over a Great Natural Wonder and the environment to peacefully protest the casino with your wallets and pocketbooks.

*Note: A complete listing of footnotes can be found in the References / Endnotes section.